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Welcome to Bylake Boarding Kennels and Cattery.

Originally established in 1970, we have more than thirty years of experience in providing the best possible care for your pets. Following major refurbishments from 1983 through to 1989 and again in 2003, we are constantly striving to improve on what is already a very high quality establishment. The kennels are fully licensed and inspected on a regular basis by the local authority. All of our staff are fully trained in all aspects of animal welfare and above all else, all are animal lovers. We believe that you should be able to go on holiday safe in the knowledge that your pet is being cared for in the very best possible way. We keep a variety of foods, both tinned and dry to accommodate most different preferences. If however, you prefer your pet to have something we do not keep, then we are quite happy for you to supply your own food that our staff will then use to feed your pet with. We welcome supervised inspections from potential customers (aged 14 and above) from 2pm to 4pm Monday to Saturday, so please feel free to come and take a look around. In addition, we are a specialist breeder of British Short Hair and Birman Cats. For more information relating to these services please select the link on the left.


Peace Of Mind

For peace of mind, in the unlikely event of a pet becoming unwell during their stay, all pets in our care are covered by insurance which means first class care and attention from the vet whenever needed. The insurance will cover anything that occurs during the stay at the kennels and as such the pet will remain covered for any treatment relating to illnesses incurred during their stay for up to 72 hours after they go home.


Thank You 

M. Dobson