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Opening Hours


Stud Cats



Our Cattery consists of 37 separate pens, custom built to hold up to two cats each (if from same home). In addition we have a few larger pens suitable for groups of 4, or up to 8 cats (from the same home). All of the pens are heated and maintained to the highest possible standards. We are proud to welcome cats of any age as long as they are fully vaccinated.*

Cats on medication can be accommodated as long as advance notice is given and the medication supplied at the time of booking in. We encourage owners to bring their Pet's bedding with them as it helps the cats to settle in when they are confronted with something familiar from home. We are also quite happy for you to supply their favourite toys as well although we are unable to accept responsibility for any toys or bedding that may get damaged.


 We believe than one way of maintaining a healthy environment is by insisting that all visiting cats have been fully vaccinated at least one week prior to being brought in for boarding. This policy has proved to be so successful in preventing the spread of Feline FLU, Interitis and other diseases that the local authority has now made it a condition of the licensing of kennels.